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AVG Cleaner pro APK 4.14.0 [Mod] for Android

AVG Cleaner pro-APK 4.14.0 [Mod]

AVG Cleaner pro APK


Android users always have a hard time to clean junk files. For this problem, AVG Cleaner pro is the best choice for android users. The next question will be how  AVG Cleaner pro is important for android.
Many times of application make our phone slow and start getting hang for this problem many new users have to sort out which application or junk flies making their phone slow .
Now for this problem, AVG Cleaner pro makes things easier and remove those junk file that making your phone slow. 
It also has some more features that we are going to discuss.


Remove bad apps : 

It boosts your mobile speed by removing pre-install apps.

Improve speed:

It improves the speed of your device.

Long battery life

It has a battery cleaner feature that gives your phone a long battery life.

Device Info:

All the information on your device is on your screen.

More Space:

More space for your new apps

Junk file cleaner

It removes all the bad and junk files from your device.

Easy to use

It has lots of features that are suitable for new and experienced users. That being said, it removes all the junk files and scanned your mobile just press one tap.


The main requirement for this application is that your android mobile should be rooted. The best thing is that its availability means that it works on most of the devices.

Users reviews

Christina Deguzman: I have used AVG anti-virus software and cleaner before and I’ve always liked the programs, but I’m hoping, even with the free version, AVG will protect my phone and rid of my already hacked phone! I’m tired of people telling me I’m just being paranoid when the proof is in the pudding. Until I can afford a new phone, I guess I have to deal with the hacker… but hope this download at least helps in some sort of way!
Barry Hopkins: This app is great, it keeps your device clear and clean from the topical rubbish that builds up daily on your device and saves up space and MB’s to keep you going on a daily basis, My advice to you is Download now before your device clogs up too much and you lose that little precious space you will need one day. George 🙂
Martha Stow: Really great free app. It gives me options to hibernate certain apps that I’m not using, and clean my device which increases my phone’s speed. I am unaware of any other app that offers services of this quality for free and appreciates it VERY much😊😊!!! There is a quick (clean) ad to watch on occasion, but it doesn’t bother me.

Mod Application Info:

  • Ads have been removed
  • Pro version unlocks
  • Disable/remove unwanted permission
  • Analytics/Crashlytics


I hope you like the article and now you know that AVG Cleaner pro is the best app for protecting your mobile from junk files and various and also for your battery life. Do share with your friends so that they will also get this app. Thanks😉

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