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Super Mario Run Mod-APK 3.0.16 Full Unlock

Super Mario Run Mod-APK 3.0.16

Super Mario Run Mod-APK 3.0.16
If you are a game lover you must be familiar with Nintendo Co., Ltd. One of the biggest company in video games. Super Mario Run is a fun game release in December 2016 by Nintendo publisher.
It is available on iOS devices (with iPhone and iPad devices) and for Windows computers as well.

How to play Super Mario Run

It is an Android game. It is a kind of Mario game that can be by one hand and the next question comes in mind How to play and how to play to gain more points.

In this game, you control the Mario by tapping as he runs continuously. You have time the taps to pull off jumps, midair spins and wall jumps to collect the coins.

How to play to gain more points

In this game, points can be used for different items. So you have to try hard to complete all the tasks so you will get maximum points. Tasks can be social media share to invite your friends to play this game. So you can compete with your friends. Missing a coin will definitely happen. so have to replay that map to gain full points. 

Purpose of a coin in Super Mario run

As I mentioned in the above Coins are used for purchasing some additional items such as decorations, castles…

The key features of Super Mario Run

World Tour

In this game, you have to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches!
For this, you have to go through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more…

Toad Rally

In this mode, you have to show different stylish moves completely different from your friends. In this, you can challenge anyone from all over the world.

To play Toad Rally you need to have a Rally ticket and that can be earned in different ways.

Kingdom Builder

Gains coins and toads to build your own kingdom. You can combine building and decorate your own kingdom. There are more than 100 kinds to builders mode. Get more Toads in Toad Rally, and the number of buildings and decorations available will automatically increase.

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Here is the information about the game that we would like to give you:

Name: Super Mario Run Mod APK

Developer: Nintendo

Mod Features: All World Unlocked

Size: 70MB

Latest Version: 3.0.16

Support: Android 4.0+

Root Requires: NO

Category: Action

Free Download Super Mario Run Mod-APK 3.0.16 Full Unlock


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