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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hello Guys! I hope you guys are doing great. Today we are going to talk about Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money). You can download this amazing action game for free at the end of this little information about this game. Before that, I want to give you some information.

App Info:

Filename: Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Filesize: 51.31MB


Prize: Free

Requirement: Android 5.0 up

Root: No root mobile required

MOD Info:

 All SubQuest complete – story + Event
Work in PVP
Unlimited ki

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon ball is the most popular anime and cartoon series in the world. Dragon ball legends is an action game. It’s about son Goku’s journey to learning immortal martial arts. Dragon ball is an animated film and associate with the childhood of many generations. Do you remember the Manga?
Have you ever wished to have the same powers as Goku has? This game was first introduced in the GDC conference.
There are a lot of dragon ball games but there are few that have excellent user engagement that appel a large number of players. If you think that Dragon BallZ is the best dragon ball game then Dragon Ball Legends will be going to blow your mind.
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The plot follows the original story

Dragon Ball Legends has a plot that follows the original story. The animated films tell the story of SonGoko and his friends., who are searching for dragon balls. At the same time punishing bad peoples and protecting the universe.
In the game, you will become a character to participate in the tournament and fight other peoples.
Lots of dangerous opponents are in front of you and you have to destroy opponents to win. Have to ever imagine to use Kame hame ha? You don’t need to imagine you can use this move in the game.
You will have to master all the skills to win the match or the tournament.


In the game, you will be able to meet up with the best friends and characters like Songoku, piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta and lots of more characters and how can you forget about the best villain Frieza.
Each character has its own power and skill that you will have to master to win the game.
You should pay attention to HP of character to know how much your character can sustain. If you were paying attention there was a mysterious character. We can guesses that he is a Saiyan blood and because of his hairstyle and his armor. If you know the theory you know that, that person is Yamoshi the first Saiyan who becomes the first Super Saiyan. There is no confirmation from Banco about this character. But he is a legend from this nation. Let see what will be the role of this character.
The function of the game is very simple and optimized for android and tabs. You can learn it very easily but it is hard to master it. This game has two modes offline and PVP mod.
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)
Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


We all the Dragon Ball always has the best graphics in anime. It has a 3D design, brights colors. Characters look like original ones. You will be feeling like that you are watching the dragon ball movie. The sound is also very good.


  • Easy to control your fighter
  • Turn on your character and crush your competitor
  • This game has High-quality 3D graphics and battle character characters
  •  Battle with competing players from around the world in PVP battles like Timer Rails
  •  Combat card action with visual
  •  Real wars against fans from around the world
  •  Battle sounds are both in English and Japanese
  • You can increase your character’s power
  •  You can play as the new character created by Akira Toriyama
  • You can experience a new adventure with Goku and all your favorite characters.

Users Reviews

These are the reviews of users Dragonball legends that are collected from the Goggle play store.
Kevaughn Stewart said:

Yea. This game was fun at first. Until you run out of ways to get in game currency. The game has a major pay wall behind it. I wouldn’t say it’s pay to win but it sorta is. New characters have a 1% chance of being pulled. If you wanna have a chance to even get the character you want. Have fun wastin…


I love the game so much. The graphics, the gameplay, all of it is awesome. But I’m having a problem here. After I download all of the content then turn the game off and open it again, all I can see is a black screen that says “connecting”. I waited it for more than 30mins but the game still in black…

The walking meme of memes said:

It has amazing quality for mobile, it’s a great action game, very addicting, it takes time off my hands and is relatively easy but there is some challenge I really recommend this game, but you will experience a long download just a heads up, but its worth it, this is the first game I really ever rat…

Minty Fresh said:

The game’s great for the most part, but the aspect of RNG may not be on my side in this game. Whether I got a good unit or not, the possibility of running into a player with more limit broken units then me is definitely. It’s a me problem, but I still enjoy the game by itself. You should probably ad…

How to Download?

Follow these steps to download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money) latest version.
  • Click on the download button below
  • You will be redirected to downloading page
  • Again click the download button to download

How to Install?

The installation of this is very simple. Click on the downloaded app then installation will automatically get started. Make sure to allow the option “allow external sources” in the setting of your phone.

Final words

I hope you like the information and if you like the information share it with friends and also o social media. Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)  is the best game for Dragon Balls fans. Thanks.

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